About Llama Packing

Llamas are great with kidsOver 4000 years ago, the Inca’s first discovered the natural agility and calm disposition of llamas as they began to pack and trek with them in the rugged Andean Mountains of South America. Today in North America, they still serve as the pack stock of choice because of minimal environmental impact, surefootedness and ease of handling. It almost seems that their packing traits are genetic, as most llamas are easy to train and quickly learn packing tasks.

The calm nature of experienced pack llamas on the trail make them a delight for hikers of all ages to lead. They are not easily spooked. Llamas tend to adjust their hiking speed with the person leading them, usually averaging two miles per hour over moderate trails. Their sharp eyesight, keen sense of hearing, and alertness often lead them to spot wildlife well before their human hiking companions.

All of our llama packers are male, but that is not to say the females cannot pack. In fact, the females can carry just as much weight as the males which averages between 50-75 pounds.

Webster’s definition for trekking certainly doesn’t apply to our idea of a llama trek. Instead of having to struggle along the trail with backpacks heavily loaded with the barest of necessities, you will be able to enjoy easy to moderate hikes with some of the conveniences associated with campground facilities.

Think of our llamas as your hiking companions. Not only are they going to carry the load you would normally have to contend with, but most llamas enjoy the hike as much as their handler.

We look forward to introducing you to our “boys” and we hope you will come to appreciate their quiet and gentle nature.